Thinking about retiring in Orlando?

Retirement in Orlando is a dream for thousands of baby boomers who look forward to the warm winters and plentiful recreation offered in the Orlando, Florida area. Since 1965, when Walt Disney began the transformation of this former agricultural area into the 5th largest city in Florida, Orlando has enjoyed steady growth. Along with all the popular tourist destinations like Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, and Epcot - the area is bursting with active adult and 55+ communities. In fact there are so many that the challenge is to narrow down your selection to a manageable few.

There are also many communities and towns near Orlando without the bustle and traffic in Orlando, which is now a fair-sized city (230,000 people in 2008). Neighborhoods are available for every budget - for retirees looking to live in a mobile home development to billionaires looking for the upmost in privacy and luxury amenities.

Whatever your dream, this website will provide you with the useful real estate resources to help your Orlando retirement dream become a reality.


Retirement in Orlando

Unlike a lot of communities, most retirees to Orlando will move here from a different state. Warm winters are obviously a big attraction. But other factors include plentiful recreation opportunities like fishing, golf, and tennis. For many people with grandchildren, having an Orlando retirement home could be a magnet that will attract grandchildren and friends. On the downside is that Orlando proper has a very high crime rate. But since most retirees will live in gated communities, that is not much of an issue.


Cost of Living

The good news is that the cost of living in Orlando is generally less than in many other places, especially the northeast. reports that the median value of a home in the Orlando was $141,600 in mid-2009 - some $40,000 lower than the national average. One reason for this is that like a lot of Florida communities, real estate has been hard hit by overbuilding and foreclosures. Bargains are available in nice communities. See our Orlando tax page for information about whether or not Orlando is a tax-friendly place for retirement.


Best Retirement Places in and around Orlando

Orlando proper and its many surrounding communities offer a tremendous variety of retirement lifestyles. Use this link to find more of the best retirement towns in Orlando.


Natural Attractions

The Orlando area has any number of lakes and rivers for outdoor recreation. Golf is particularly outstanding with hundreds of courses to choose from. Winters are much warmer than in the northeast, although not quite as warm as south Florida. Average January temperature is about 60 degrees (F.). Summers are warm and humid, it will rain almost every day for a short time.


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